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Medical Gas Springs

Bansbach easylift® is the premier source for the highest quality gas springs and accessories in the medical field. Here you will find our PDF catalog, detailed technical information on our products, complete installation details, and other resources on the benefits and applications of our products.

Our gas springs, dampers, and linear hydraulic adjustment systems increase the security and comfort for both patients and staff. Our products and systems offer a wide range of ergonomic adjustment options in hospital beds, height adjustable work station carts, treatment tables, wheelchairs, and therapy equipment. Bansbach easylift® gas springs, dampers, and position adjustment systems for the health care industry are characterized by simple installation as well as being user friendly and maintenance free. Our products can be found in the following applications:

  • Hospital Beds and Couches
  • Wheelchairs
  • Recliners
  • Overhead Lighting
  • Medical Workstation Carts
  • Examination Tables
  • Video Displays
  • Medical Gurneys and Stretchers
  • Chiropractic and Massage Tables
  • Access Panels
  • Diagnostic Equipment
  • X-Ray Machines
  • Medical Positioning Equipment
  • CAT Scan Machines
  • MRI Machines

Advantages of Gas Springs in Medical Equipment:

  • Fully Self-contained
  • Maintenance-free
  • Silent Operation
  • No Power Required During Power Outages
  • Fast, Individual Height Adjustment
  • Infinite Adjustments
  • Easy Operation
  • Does Not Interfere with Sensitive Electrical Devices
  • Food Grade Oil (FDA Approved)
  • Safe Locking Mechanisms
  • Speed Control

Gas Spring Functions

Gas springs (locking and non-locking) are used in hospital beds as well as treatment and massage tables. They are used to adjust the angle of the seat, the backrest, or to set the leg supports in order to prevent pressure-induced blood circulation problems. In emergency situations the gas springs can reposition the bed to a level position within seconds. Our gas springs provide simple operation, offer infinite positioning adjustment, and require no maintenance.

Complete System Solutions

We are proud to offer turnkey solutions for your applications. We offer lockable gas springs with different types of release mechanisms such as direct lever release, Bowden wire cable release with button or lever, and hydraulic release with button. Bansbach engineers will assist in designing the product to match your application, and you can have confidence that all additional parts such as connectors, cover tubes, and release mechanisms are manufactured by Bansbach, allowing us to meet all of your motion control needs.

Height Adjustment Systems

Our easymotion® hydraulic height adjustment system is the perfect solution for adjusting bed or seating height. The easymotion® system is comprised of an electric or mechanical pump and hydraulic cylinders in guide columns, making it easy to use and simple to install due to its plug and play assembly.


Bansbach® easylift - the world of motion!

Bansbach easylift® has been developing and producing all types of gas springs for more than 50 years.
Our springs are quality-certified to fulfill the highest requirements for industries such as aerospace, industrial, medical, furniture and more!

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