• B-Modell



Connecting parts piston rod Connecting parts cylinder Model Damping options Size Stroke EL2 max force in pull in direction max force in push out direction
 Z0 = Thread

 S5 = Hinge eye

 B4 = Elbow joint

 L5 = Clevis

 C8 = Hinge head

 Z0 = Thread

 S5 = Hinge eye

 B4 = Elbow joint

 L5 = Clevis

 C8 = Hinge head

 J3 = Ball socket

 X = without floating piston

 Y = with floating piston

 A = push out direction

 E = pull in direction

 B = both directions

 B = 14/40  100mm


















 * the length of chosen connecting parts has to be added EL1 = EL2 + connecting parts



















Technical Advices:

  •  The dampers will be adjusted by turning the piston rod either in completely extended or inserted position  (Type Y only in completely extended position)
  •  Due to constructional reasons, the dampers of Type X have a free travel of approx. 20 %
  •  Dampers without free travel are available with floating piston (Type Y). Minimum extension force = 150N.  Please indicate in case of an order. EL2 = 2.35 x stroke + 60
  •  Chosen connecting parts have to be secured against rotation by the customer.
  •  Material:
     Piston rod: CeramPro®-coated
     Cylinder: black powder-coated
  •  You can find general information and technical details here
  •  Customized specifications are available on request

Installation Recommendations

Things to consider:

  •  The maximum loads in both the push and pull direction may not be exceeded.
  •  There should be a mechanical limit stop approx. 1 - 2 mm before end of stroke.
  •  Mounting of the dampers is possible in any position.
  •  The connecting parts should be secured against rotation.
  •  Due to constructional reasons, Type X has a free travel of approx. 20 %
  •  For a function without free travel, Type Y has to be chosen.

Adjusting the dampers:

An adjustment is only possible in completely inserted or extended position

The damping force can be adjusted by turning the piston as described below. Thereby, the length EL2 will be extended by max. 6 mm.

Please take care during the adjustment that you don't damage the adjustment segment by turning it too strong against the limit stop. In case of considerable resistance, please stop the adjustment.

The dampers of Type X can be adjusted either in completely inserted or extended position.
The dampers of Type Y can be adjusted in completely extended position.

1. Hold the cylinder

2. Adjust the damper by turning the piston rod. In case of adjustment with extended piston rod, please pull the piston rod slightly during the turning process until the  piston locks. In case of adjustment with inserted piston rod, the piston rod has to be pushed slightly until it locks.

Turning to the right

Turning to the right
Damping will be increased, speed will be reduced

Turning to the left

Turning to the left
Damping will be reduced, speed will be increased


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