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The 60 series is also available as easyE-60i, the intelligent inline actuator solution with integrated controller. And that with forces of up to 10000N. Without compromising on design and efficiency.

The integration of the controller results in the following advantages:

  • Very compact design despite integrated controller
  • Easy installation and maintenance free
  • Software for easy setup
  • Internal stroke limitation
  • Adjustable current limit
  • Internal heat protection
  • Industrial interface MODBUS RTU on RS485
  • Adjustable start ramp
  • Adjustable stop ramp
  • Plug & Play solution with iConnect-Box

The integrated control is offered in 6 versions.
All have one MODBUS-RTU system based on RS485:

  • SDB (Single Direction Basic)

    Simple control to move the actuator up and down. In combination with the iConnect-Box, it develops into a plug-and-play solution. Just plug in and run.
  • SDH (Single Direction Hall)

    Compared to the SDB controller, this controller also emits a Hall signal
  • SDP (Single Direction Position)

    This controller also outputs an analog position signal (0V-5V or 0V-10V).
  • SPP (Single Position Position)

    With this controller, a specific position can be controlled via an analog voltage signal.
  • SBS (Single Bus Status)

    This controller is operated completely via Modbus-RTU RS485
  • MDO (Multiple Direction Override)

    With this controller, up to 8 actuators can easily be operated synchronously


You can download the software for programming the integrated controller here


  • Stroke: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500 and 750mm (others on request)
  • Materials:
    Motor and actuator tube are powder coated steel or stainless steel
    Piston rod is stainless steel
    Front and rear brackets are aluminium or stainless steel
  • Protection class: IP66 (standard), harsh environment (according to IP68 and IP69)
  • Temperature:
    Operation: -20°C to +50°C
    Storage: -40ºC to +70ºC
  • Cable: Cores: 2 x AWG16 + 6 x AWG 26, Ø = 6,8 mm, black jacket, Molex Mini-Fit Jr. 8 pin or similar.
  • Bending radius: 15x cable diameter
  • Max. static load/Self locking force: 18.100N, depending on stroke length for push-applications
  • Duty cycle: Max. 10% or 2 minutes in use followed by 18 minutes rest

Speed and force

24VDC (28VDC) - Current at maximum load: 11,5A

 Gear ratio D E F G H
 Force (dyn. push and pull) [N] 1900 4300 6600 8100 10000
 Speed at maximum load [mm/s] 26 12 8 6 5
Max. load limited for stroke length > 400mm: 5000N  


easyE Speed Force 60


easyE Force Current 60


easyE Einbaulaenge 60 e

EL Clevis rear UL/EN60.601 harsh environment Emergency
stroke + 373* - +15 +25 +31/+10

*If stroke >400mm: EL+25mm (not Harsh-Environment version)
Axial backlash: +/- 0,5mm, generally length tolerance +/- 1mm

Weight of the actuators:

 Stroke length [mm]
50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 500 750
 Weight [kg] 4,1 4,4 4,7 5 5,3 5,6 5,9 6,2 6,8 7,6

Actual weight may vary depending on model and options selected.

Connecting parts "Motor-Side":

Hinge eye

Hinge eye
  • Code: A3M
  • Maximum static load: 16800N
Stainless steel (316)
  • Code: C3M
  • Maximum static load: 16800N

Connecting part "Piston-rod-Side":

Hinge eye

Hinge eye
  • Code: A3K
  • Maximum static load: 16800N
Stainless steel (316)
  • Code: C3K
  • Maximum static load: 16800N

Recommended Mounting Methods:

  • Do not clamp actuators on tubing
  • Always keep both brackets mounted in the same orientation and ensure to flush mount actuator
  • Brackets must always be able to rotate on axels in mountings
  • Avoid radial forces at all times

For the fixation of the easyE-line actuators we offer the following brackets:



Piston rod side
Max. load: 5.000N
Order No.: EEL900BA60-1KS
Get the CAD-File here


Motor side
Max. load: 5.000N
Order No.: EEL900BA60-1MS
Get the CAD-File here

easyE Montage

Please note

  • Never expose the actuator to hammer strike during installation or in other situations
  • Retrofitted bushings should be pressed into the bracket-borings. No hammering
  • Power supply without over-current protection can cause serious damage to the actuator at mechanical end-stop or when actuator is overloaded in another way
  • Keep piston tube clean
  • Longer cable lengths may cause voltage drop which affects the performance of the actuator
  • Function of the actuator is subject to the settings of the control box
  • The dust and water sealing of harsh environment actuators might affect their performance
  • All specifications are for 25 ºC ambient – low temperature might affect performance
  • Depending on load and application, nominal and actual stroke length may differ due to internal disc springs not being fully compressed.
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