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Force diagramme / measuring points

The theoretical extension force is calculated as follows: [Filling Pressure] x [Cross Section of the Piston Rod]

By changing these two factors, it is possible for Bansbach to supply gas springs with any requested extension force. Our standard specifications are available from 10N to 5000N. The extension force is always mentioned with the specifications and is recognized as the value F1 measured at 20ºC ± 2ºC with the piston rod showing downwards.

Force Diagram

Force Diagram

F1 = extension force with extended piston rod
F2 = extension force with compressed piston rod
F3 = pull-in force with extended piston rod
F4 = pull-in force with compressed piston rod
FR = friction force

These values can be influenced by factors such as gas volume and oil quantity. One of the special characteristics of Bansbach gas springs is the low friction force. Through different combinations of nozzle orifices and oil quantity, it is possible to control the push-out and push-in speed as required.

Calculation principle F1

Extended force

Extended force

S = Centre of gravity
G = Weight of the flap in N (ca. Kp x 10)
b = Power arm (corresponds to about 85% of the required stroke)
X = Number of the springs (in general 2 pieces, one for each side of the flap)

Our general extension force tolerance is +40N/-20N or ± 5-7%. Physically, the actual force of a gas spring depends on the temperature. For each 10°C, the force changes by approx 3.3%. Size and extension force can be made according to your requirements. We would be pleased to help you to design a gas spring for your application.

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