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The main components of a gas spring are piston rod, cylinder, connecting parts, various turned parts, seals, oil, grease and Nitrogen. The piston rods and the cylinders are manufactured out of steel and are CeramPro® treated or powder coated. Connecting parts and turned parts are manufactured out of lead-free aluminium or steel. Seals, oil and grease are free of any substances which are listed on the critical or dangerous goods list.

Nitrogen is an inert gas which doesn't burn and has no health risks. Bansbach gas springs are manufactured according to current / future laws and regulations to the best of our knowledge. For example, they are manufactured according to RoHS directive, WEEE directive and guidelines 2003/11/EC, 2002/95/EC and 2002/96/EG. They don't fall under guidelines 94/9/EG, 97/23/EG or 98/37/EG. UN 3164, TRGS 220 or UL 60601-1 also do not apply.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer or user to verify whether Bansbach gas springs in the end product meet National or International Laws and Guidelines.

Bansbach® easylift - the world of motion!

Bansbach easylift® has been developing and producing all types of gas springs for more than 50 years.
Our springs are quality-certified to fulfill the highest requirements for industries such as aerospace, industrial, medical, furniture and more!

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