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In order to design the individual gas spring for your application, we ask you to fill out the form below.

We will contact you shortly after your details have been checked with an installation suggestion.

Please indicate where the flap should be in closed position (horizontal = 0 °)

Please indicate where the flap should be in completely open condition (vertical = 90 °)

Please indicate the total weight of the flap.

Hand attack point on the flap or  
length of the flap H (x/y)*

Please indicate the position of the handle starting from the axis point

Location of the center 
of gravity SP* at the flap (x/y)

Please indicate the position of the center of gravity of the flap starting from the axis point.

If you do not provide information here, we will give you a recommendation.

Possible mounting points of the gas spring

Starting from the axis point, the minimum and maximum possible attachment points should be specified here.


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Bansbach® easylift - El mundo de movimiento!

Aquí en Bansbach Easylift hemos fabricado y producido todo tipos de resortes de gas por mas de 50 años.
Nuestras certificaciones cumplen hasta los mas altos requerimientos de las industrias Aeroespaciales,
Medicas y de fabricantes de Muebles. Este nivel de certificación de producto has sido la base de nuestro éxito internacional. "Hecho en Alemania".

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