1954 – 1994

Annemarie Bansbach

Annemarie Bansbach was born in Stuttgart and grew up as the daughter of a businessman. Even as a child she was involved in her parents’ company Drohmann, which today is an affiliate of the family-run Bansbach Group. So she knew what it meant to manage a company and what effort and austerity it required. This is precisely why she always supported her husband Hermann Bansbach Jr. as best she could. Furthermore, it is thanks to Annemarie Bansbach that the company is located in Lorch.

She was her husband’s right hand in the company. She took care of the bookkeeping, wages and salaries and was also always a reliable point of contact for the employees. Above all, however, she always made sure that her husband was free to manage the company and was a caring mother to their three daughters. Annemarie Bansbach still follows the fortunes of the company today with great interest and gladly shares her wealth of entrepreneurial experience. Above all, for Anna Bansbach, today the 4th generation managing director at Bansbach, this knowledge sharing is very important.