For Gas springs


Bansbach-gas springs mainly consist of metal and can be recycled. Gas springs must first be depressurized. The oil inside has to be drained and disposed separately.

If you dispose gas springs, we ask you to keep in mind that the springs are under very high pressure.


In case of a disposal, it is important to keep to the following steps:

a) Basically: In the area of the extended spring travel axis, nobody is allowed to stand there. This means that the piston rod might not show on a person when it  will be depressurized. Do not cut the ends. Do not use a turning lathe in any case!

b) Please check to which size the gas spring belongs to. You can find further details for sizes in chapter 1.3 gas spring sizes. If you are not sure, please don’t hesitate to contact us; we would be pleased to assist you!

c) Drill slowly the extended gas spring at point X1 (with a drill diametre 2 – 3 mm). Due to the high pressure in-side, shavings and oil may spurt out. To protect the person, suitable precautionary measures should be taken. (eye and face protection, covering of the drill area).

d) If it is marked, drill point X2, too, as described under c).

e) If you move slightly the piston rod, you can note if the cylinder is pressure-less.

f) If required, the cylinder can now be sawn through.

  • Dispose old oil according to the local regulations
  • Don’t pour it into ground soil or in running water
  • Dispose the empty gas spring with iron scrap

If you should be unable to keep to this procedure, we recommend – after having consulted us – to re-turn them to us, carriage prepaid. We offer you the disposal at the net cost price. If necessary, please ask us for the disposal costs.


1.3.1 Standard Gas Spring
1.3.2 Gas spring with floating piston
1.3.3 Rigig lockable gas spring (K-and KX-type)
1.3.4 Spring lockable gas spring (B-Type)
1.3.5 RIgid lockable gas spring (P-type)
1.3.6 Rigid lockable gas spring (t-type) size 8/28 and 10/28
1.3.7 Gas traction spring large model (also with enddamping)
1.3.8 Gas traction spring short model (also with enddamping)
1.3.9 Lockable gas spring
1.3.10 Gas spring 30/70