The easyE control S3  is used to control our easyE-line actuators. This battery-powered controller which has an unique design allows an actuator to move up and down and be used in a variety of different applications. Also and especially when it gets mobile.

The S3 control box is designed to handle 1 actuator. it is controlled with a wired handset.

The battery is designed to be very easy to change without tools. This is done by a patented magnetic principle.

The S3 system contains a rechargeable 24VDC, NiMh battery, enabling the actuator solution to be fully mobile.

Standard S3 solution includes IP50 protection with IP65 protection available.

S3 Controller
S3 Handset
S3 Battery
S3 Charger
S3 Bracket
  • Supply: 24VDC, NiMH battery
  • Idle current: < 5mA
  • Current limit: 8A/ch max. total 12A
  • Current trip delay: 30ms
  • Ramps: 0-3 sec
  • Operating temp: +5° – +40°C
  • Connector type: Molex Mini-Fit 6 pin
  • Battery-Capacity:
  • – NiMH: 1400m Ah
  • Up- and Down-Function
  • Battery powered for mobile use
  • 24VDC, NiMh battery
  • Patented battery system
  • Customized colors and foil design
  • Wired handset
  • No Hall sensors are supported
  • 1Actuator
  • 2Handset
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