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E-Cylinder (not guided)

Additional guide required, small diameter

By accessing components from the Bansbach gas spring production, a large variety of cylinders can be offered. The E-Cylinder alone is not designed to absorb side forces and also requires an additional guide.

Product Features:

  • Max. Weight 900kg per system
  • Stroke Length: 150mm-400mm (special strokes from 30mm up to 600mm)
  • Several connecting parts
  • Force per E-Cylinder required to compress: 70N
  • Special E-Cylinder designs available upon request


cylinder tube length (EL2)

diameter cylinder/piston rod


max weight per cylinder


order number incl. connecting parts

150mm stroke +40,5 10/15mm 1 100kg fast ZE113150-EBEX
10/18mm 2 150kg normal ZE316150-EBEX
stroke + 45,5 12/22mm 4 225kg heavy ZE819150-EBEX
200mm stroke +40,5 10/15mm 1 100kg fast ZE113200-EBEX
10/18mm 2 150kg normal ZE316200-EBEX
stroke + 45,5 12/22mm 4 225kg heavy ZE819200-EBEX
300mm stroke +40,5 10/15mm 1 100kg fast ZE113300-EBEX
10/18mm 2 150kg normal ZE316300-EBEX
stroke + 45,5 12/22mm 4 225kg heavy ZE819300-EBEX
400mm stroke +40,5 10/15mm 1 100kg fast ZE113400-EBEX
10/18mm 2 150kg normal ZE316400-EBEX
stroke + 45,5 12/22mm 4 225kg heavy ZE819400-EBEX

*dependent also on selected actuation


  • model 1: fast speed (6 mm per pump rotation), normal load up to 100 kg per cylinder.

  • model 2: high load up to 150 kg per cylinder, normal speed (4 mm per pump rotation).

  • model 4: normal speed (4 mm per pump rotation), very high load uo to 225kg per cylinder

 The pump must be selected in correspondence with the adjustment cylinder model.

Inserted length calculation:

EL EZylinder neu

The length is always calculated with retracted piston rod.
The complete length of the E-Cylinder is calculated as follows:

EL1 = EL2 + ELK + ELZ

EL2: length of retracted cylinder including piston rod (see table above)
ELK: length of piston rod side connecting part
ELZ: length of cylinder side connecting part


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