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Connecting parts

The reasonable variety of the easylift connecting parts knows only one measure - your daily experience!

For precise and controlled force development, connecting parts that guarantee movement and force transfer in an ideal way are a necessity. Our comprehensive range of hinge eyes, clevises, elbow joints, ball joints, and metal fittings will fit nearly every mounting requirement.

  • Thread 1
  • Thread 2
  • Hinge eye

    Please note that the length of gas springs will change depending on your choice of end fitting. The length of easylift® gas springs is calculated as follows:

    • from mid boring to mid boring for hinge eyes, clevises and hinge heads
    • from mid ball to mid ball for elbow joints
    • without connectors the thread length is not included

    Please see the following pages for technical data and dimensions of standardized connecting parts of the Bansbach easylift® system.

    Regarding connecting parts, there will, of course, be new requirements from time to time for our easylift system. If the prospective application can be solved with easylift gas springs, we will also solve the problems regarding the connecting parts.

    Bansbach® easylift - the world of motion!

    Bansbach easylift® has been developing and producing all types of gas springs for more than 50 years.
    Our springs are quality-certified to fulfill the highest requirements for industries such as aerospace, industrial, medical, furniture and more!

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