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K0 B1 K - 3 045 195 001* 500N
Thread piston rod Connecting parts
Model Push-out speed Diameter
piston rod/ cylinder
Øx/Øy mm
Stroke Extended length
(**see below)
(*see below)
Extension force
F1 (N)


=MF 8 x1x16

see Connecting parts B main type 
K main type 
P main type 
KX main type

Special design according to customer drawing

Rigid locking (according to main type K), but with 60% reduced release force (min. F1 500N!)

Spring locking, but with 60% reduced release force (min. F1 500N!)

Rigid locking in push-in direction not lockable in push-out direction

Special models rigid locking, short length low pressure increase, especially for vertical adjustments,
extended length EL 2 min. stroke x 2,13 + 83 mm (progressivity approx. 35%)

Rigid locking in push-out direction, not lockable in push-in direction. Extended length and locking force acc. K-Model.

Rigid locking in push-out and push in direction, pulling out without releasing the locking is possible in case of overload

= normal

= fast

= slow

=short release
Release travel < 1 mm
instead of < 3,5 mm

B = special

N = stainless steel

0 = 8/19 mm

1 = 8/22 mm

2 = 10/22 mm

3 = 10/28 mm

5 = 14/28 mm

A = 10/40 mm

B = 14/40 mm

E = 8/28 mm

10-800(see main types BKPKX ) (see main typesBKPKX )   0-2600(see main types BKPKX )


Release force

Release force for piston rod 6 mm 8 mm 10 mm 14 mm
Standard 0,25*F1 0,25*F1 0,25*F1 0,08*F1
For short hydraulic release system Easytouch   0,25*F1 0,16*F1 0,08*F1 
Model G; F1 min. 500N   0,14*F1 0,1*F1 0,05*F1

Release forces without consideration of progressivity and friction

Attention: Calculation of extended length

The total length is calculated when the piston rod is extended. Please add the length of the connecting parts in order to
find out the total length.
length EL2 = measured without hinge eyes and threads

Index Number

Index No.
With the index no. – only necessary for repeating orders – we can reproduce exactly the same gas spring which has already been produced. You will receive the index no. with the order confirmation / invoice.



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