1919 – 1954

Gottlieb Schramm & Hermann Bansbach (Senior)

Hermann Bansbach Snr and his father-in-law Gottlieb Schramm founded “Schramm und Bansbach Apparatebau” in 1919 – a real family-run company: At this difficult time surely a great adventure and a daring undertaking. In the early years, it was mainly all about survival and the continuation of the still young company for the founding generation. The company managed to come through both the world economic crisis during the Weimar Republic and also WWII thanks to the ingenuity and flexibility of the founding partners.

During this time the range of products was always adapted to suit the market requirements by Gottlieb Schramm and Hermann Bansbach Snr. The company produced whatever was in demand. The initial production of turning parts turned out to be the basis for the subsequent production of the Bansbach gas spring, even though it obviously could not be foreseen by the founders at that time. Then, when he could no longer manage the company due to health issues, Hermann Bansbach Snr handed the company over to his son Hermann Bansbach Jr. in 1954. The company had a solid foundation from which he would successfully expand the company.e.